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It was Nina Dobrevaˆ™s casting first which assisted the designers find the two more major stars for Stefan and Damon Salvatore

12 How Nina and Ian Were Cast

It had been Nina Dobrevaˆ™s casting first which assisted the creators select the two various other biggest stars for Stefan and Damon Salvatore. On one associated with the bonus features for the DVD set, Dobrev mentioned it had been a lengthy techniques, but she eventually got the character of Elena Gilbert, despite without having blond locks. The designers happened to be a lot more worried about the actress than bodily properties. aˆ?It is a sacrifice we’d in order to make,aˆ? Julie Plec, a showrunner stated.

For a time, the designers and executive producers couldnaˆ™t select stars that had chemistry with Dobrev.

They particularly got dilemma look for someone to play Damon. Chances are they discovered Ian Somerhalder was curious. Somerhalder reported it absolutely was 7-10 times of conferences, interview, and auditions. He really desired the role and appeared to impress everyone else. aˆ?We were convinced he was our guy,aˆ? Plec said.

The moment it was revealed Somerhalder got cast as Damon, everybody else have an impression concerning preference. Luckily, the newspapers and lovers know that Somerhalder was actually perfect to relax and play opposite Dobrev. Even Plec said that she couldnaˆ™t think of anyone else in that part. aˆ?he could be just so great,aˆ? she also said. And also for three-years, Dobrev and Somerhalder happened to be good collectively in actuality also.

11 Nina and Ian were “Hippies”

In 2012, for a job interview with US Weekly, Kat Graham known as Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev “hippies” when placing comments on their union. Graham was Somerhalder and Dobrevaˆ™s co-star when you look at the Vampire Diaries; she starred Bonnie Bennett inside the CW collection. Graham didnaˆ™t name the happy couple hippies becoming mean – she required it https://datingranking.net/arablounge-review/ as a tremendously good method to consider the relationship.

Somerhalder and Dobrev is aˆ?genuinely good people that aim toward having a great commitment,aˆ? Graham had mentioned. If it is what becoming a hipping suggests whenever internet dating, then everyone should strive to feel a hippie with an important various other.

During their three years as a couple, Somerhalder and Dobrev seemed to create every little thing work as best they were able to, especially since they are constantly from inside the limelight. In a job interview with similar magazine last year, Somerhalder said what he enjoyed the absolute most about Dobrev: aˆ?She truly likes existence. Their desire to undertaking and appreciate every thing around this lady, and chuckle appreciate they, is fantastic.aˆ?

In a subsequent interview with People journal, Graham also known as the couple aˆ?perfectaˆ? because they bring aˆ?the exact same standards when considering folk [and] the manner in which you heal anyone.aˆ? She included they are great as a result of the way they treat animals, the whole world, as well as the environment.

10 Ian As Christian Gray

Whenever 50 Shades of gray flick was actually revealed and casting begin, Ian Somerhalder ended up being considered to be inside the running. During interviews, he provided vague solutions to questions about joining the cast of this motion picture. Inside after-show monitor what Happens alive hosted by Andy Cohen, Somerhalder told Cohen, aˆ?There are so many youthful men in Hollywood up because of this character.aˆ? The guy put, aˆ?we canaˆ™t say any such thing other than itaˆ™s a very interesting story, and anyone who takes on that role will bring lots of fun.aˆ?

More interesting try their answer to just who he would have actually gamble other your as Anastasia. During an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his program On atmosphere with Ryan Seacrest, Somerhalder informed Ryan, aˆ?Iaˆ™m planning contemplate that.aˆ? Seacrest pointed out there could be aˆ?ramificationsaˆ? to your response Somerhalder offers, as well as the number placed words in Somerhalder’s mouth, claiming aˆ?Because I wish to have actually a pleasurable residence.aˆ?

This all meant ended up being Ian performednaˆ™t need to state which heaˆ™d really like to relax and play Anastasia because Dobrev could possibly get jealous or furious.

To keep the tranquility within partnership, Somerhalder believe it more straightforward to just keep any responses. Seacrest subtly pointed out Somerhalder should writing him the answer, so he may understand truth.

9 Comprise They Dating? Maybe Not Relationships?

They grabbed a number of years for fans and visitors and web sites to figure out Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder had been online dating. But before that for several months (about a year), the proof accumulated in the shape of images of them hanging out and participating in activities together.

The first occasion someone pondered should they happened to be with each other was a student in Australian Continent, in which a photograph appeared of these two snorkeling together. In addition they had been spotted in the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.

The 2 revealed additional intimate conduct once they happened to be in an Atlanta eatery for Valentineaˆ™s day. He tweeted the break is aˆ?corporateaˆ? and a aˆ?conspiracy of florists and chocolatiers,aˆ? additionally said the aˆ?day serves as good excuse to distributed somewhat really love.aˆ? After Dobrev rejected matchmaking hearsay, she and Somerhalder are spotted at Coachella musical event lookin as if these people were in a relationship. There was another experience in which Dobrev and Somerhalder happened to be out one-night, and she wore a black derby cap Somerhalder had worn only times earlier. A friendly motion or not?

As soon as that the pair turned discreetly official took place from the 2011 MuchMusic prizes. They came together and are caught offering one another a fast kiss behind the scenes. Also, Dobrev had been anyone Somerhalder discussed he was more enthusiastic observe that evening.