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S A 2 Head

Bag filling machine

Being the first “Made in India” multihead weigher we proudly named it as “INTEGO” these Multihead Weigher Packing Machine incorporate the entire electrical, electronic, micro-controller system & the software designed & developed by our own R & D team and manufactured in our state-of-the art manufacturing facility. This ensures international quality standards and allows us to provide prompt after-sales-service, quick supply of spares and flexibility in design to adopt changes as per customer requirement.This machine has 14 weighing heads for high speed and production.

This machine is suitable for packing of

  • Snacks Items: Chips, namkeen , farsan, frymes,Popcorn etc.
  • Grocery Items: Dals,Peanuts,sugar, nuts,Dry fruit,Whole Spices,Poha,murmura,etc
  • Hardware Items : Nuts, Washers, screw, dowel Pins etc
  • Confectionery Items: Chocolates, lollipop, candies, toffees etc
  • Frozen Foods: Chopped : Carrots, green peas, okra, pronze , shrimps etc.
Materials Granular, Fluffy, Irregular shaped, Solids
Max Capacity 5gms-1kg
Accuracy 0.1 – 1.5 gms
Max Speed 40-85 pouches per minutes*
 Pouch width 50-250 mm
Pouch length 65 – 330 mm
Film Width 120 -530 mm
Power requirement 2KW, Single phase 230 VAC
Air Requirement 2HP,8Bar Pressure.2 CFM
Forming type Collar
Vertical seal width ( mm) 10/15 typical
Horizontal seal width (mm) 10/15 typical
no of weighing  Pan 14no
Dimension (W x H xD) in ft. 8 x 12 x 7
Serration and cutting Count cutting provided, count to be fed through HMI
Eye mark controller Provided.
Process parameter setting Through HMI
Film draw mechanism Through steeper/ servo motor
Horizontal sealing mechanism Pneumatic
Vertical seal mechanism Pneumatic
Material of construction All contact parts in SS304, and other parts in MS.

Further we have, in a bid to serve the industry, decided to provide retrofit services. This will help the multi head weighers which are under break down, to swing back into the action. We are open to supply multi head weigher system to OEMs to fit the same on their own VFFS machines.

  • Optional Accessories for FFS M/C
    • Nitrogen gas flushing unit
    • Hole punching unit
    • TTO for batch / date printing
    • Gusseting unit
    • Fast change of film roll unit
    • D cut .


“Made In India” Multi head weigher, It incorporates the entire electrical, electronic , micro controller based system conceived designed, developed & manufactured in our state of art manufacturing facility.

The software developed by our R & D team is incorporated in this machine.

The HMI (Human Machine Interface ) is a large touch screen (Size 215 mm(W) x 160mm (H)x 60mm (D) with indigenously developed software

Motorized pulling system

Strip or individual count cutting provided.

Machine works on single phase.

In house manufacturing of all electronic control instruments.


“Made in India” ensures virtual zero down time, means your machine keep working for you 24X7

The Multihead Weigher Packing Machine provides leak proof pouches.

Our nitrogen gas flushing unit guarantees near 100% (More than 99.5%) nitrogen in the pouch.

Thus increases the shelf life and quality of your product.

High rate of return on investment.

Output to capital investment cost is low as compared to peer to peer comparison

“Made In India” Multihead Weigher Packing Machine ensures international quality standards and allows us to provide prompt after sales –service, quick supply of spares and flexibility in design to adopt changes as per customer requirement.

Low power consumption thus lowering running cost of machine.

Automated sensor system minimizes wastages of film and material.

We can customize our machine to suit your site condition such as height and width

No skilled operator required

Manpower saving.

 Virtually all kind of granules products are handled by single machine.