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Auger Filler Machine – VFFS (Collar)


We are among the renowned names of the business, engaged in offering Fully Automatic Auger Filler Machine. Proffered packaging machine intakes plastic film, converts it into the form of pouch, accepts the material from dispensing system and then seals the pouches, by the help of pneumatically operated heaters.

In auger filler machine, the material to be filled is stored in the hopper. The stirrer of the machine facilitates the prevention of any bridging of the material. The Servo motor drive of the machine provides the perfection of accuracy and speed of the machine.

This machine is suitable for packing of :

  • Wheat Flour (Atta)
  • Rice Flour (Atta)
  • Besan Packing
  • Spices Packing
  • Chilli Powder Packing
  • Turmeric Powder Packing
  • Dry Cement Packing
  • Coffee Powder Packing
  • Curry Powder Packing
  • Chemical Powder Packing
  • Bleaching Powder Packing
Product Characteristics Powder form
Hopper Capacity 25 Liters
Weighing Range 5g to 5kg.*
Output 72-1200  kg/hour.
Type of film Heat sealable laminated plastic
Power Requirement 415 VAC, Three phase
Material Construction All contact parts SS304 & other parts of MS.
Roll width(mm) 75 – 450
Pouch length ( mm) 150 to 330
Vertical seal width(mm) 10/15 typical
Horizontal Seal Width(mm) 10/15 typical
Dimensions ( Floor Area) 20 sq feet
Dimension ( Height) 9 ft (Without Screw conveyor)
Power Supply 3 Phase, 415 VAC
Air supply 2 HP, 8 Bar Compressor
Film Draw mechanism Servo /Stepper motor drive
Horizontal sealing mechanism Pneumatic
Vertical seal mechanism Pneumatic
Auger Screw Drive Servo Drive
Hopper capacity 25 Liters
Material of Construction Powder coated MS frame with all contact parts in SS304 only.

*Through different machine models.



Auger Filler Machine Virtually maintenance free 24X7 operation

Micro controller based User friendly HMI.

In house Developed Electric Hardware.

Feeding mechanism through Servo motor, which enables high speed along with excellent accuracy.

Eye mark controller for perfect positioning of seal & cut

Provision for batch printing system (to be selected by you)

No film -machine stop mechanism (optional)

No material – machine stop mechanism (optional)

Easy change of roll system –(optional)

No’s of pouches produced – count batch wise/day wise.

Horizontal sealer with servo motor drive available as an option

Collar type forming system for elegant pouches

Leak proof sealed pouches assured through special vertical sealing method

Fiber optic sensor for level control of auger hopper

Level Controller for screw conveyor

Film pulling through durable long life timing belt instead of rollers

Electronic controls provided for minimizing power consumption (Optional)

Strip cut / single cut system provided


Flexibility and ease of operation

Excellent screw design ensures repetitive and within range “Count” and hence weighment.

No skilled operator required

Man power saving.

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