Are you looking for Standee Pouch Packing Machine ? A standee pouch packing machine or Stand-up Pouch Packing Machine can be used to package a variety goods, and provides several benefits to the manufacturing process. Standee pouches are often used for packaging snacks and food products like chips, kurkure , coffee powder, tea powder etc. These automatic standee pouch packing machine reduce contact, increase production speed, increase production output and lower the overhead costs.


EASY PAC is the packaging equipment used for packing various types of solid free flowing items. This packaging equipment is named as EASY PAC to emphasis its ease of operation. This packaging equipment is semi automatic packing machine which uses load cell to weigh the item & dispense it into the ready pouch/box/container, etc. As the pouch making machine is not the integral part of this packing equipment, it is categorized as the semi automatic packing machine.

Depending upon number of weighing heads, this EASY PAC packaging equipment is named as single head (one head), Twin head (two heads), three heads & four heads. The speed of twin head is double the single head & the speed of four head is double the twin head or four times the single head.

EASY Pac packaging machine can handle virtually all kind of free flowing solids. This packaging equipment handles grocery items such as rice, pulses, chana dal, toor dal, sugar, wheat, tea powder, green peas, white mutter and other items such as Namkeens, farsans, Chips, Frymes and similar products without any change parts or making changes in the settings, one can keep on toggling with different materials & different target weights on the same packing machine. Thanks to “Self learning software” developed by our R & D team.

This machine has Two weighing heads and hopper capacity of 100 liters.

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