Sensograph offers Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine for bulk packaging of tablets & also compact Multihead Machines for Pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical packaging machine provides efficient solutions for preparing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for distribution. The newest pharmaceutical packaging equipment can help in better packing of medicines.

Packaging plays a key role in the marketing and use of pharmaceutical products while labelling ensures products can be identified easily and comply with regulatory standards.

Today’s pharmaceutical packaging machinery needs to be flexible enough to work within the needs of the manufacturing and packing process for each unique situation.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

The roll feeding is made easy in this machine. The quick changeover of ‘former’ makes it useful for medium scale packing requirement where frequent change of material & pack size is essential. Here, the material feeding system is weighmatric means it feed the material to the pouching machine by weighing. The actual weight of the material is displayed on the 5” display provided on the front panel. Depending upon the output requirement, one can choose number of heads of the weighing system.

This machine is suitable for packing of :

  • Homogenous coarse grained products such as rice, wheat, pulses, Sabudana etc.
  • Coarse products such as cashew nuts, almond, pistachio, whole spices, etc.
  • Industrial products such as lugs, screws, nails, bolts, nuts, etc.
  • Pharma products such as capsules, tablets, etc.
Model SA- 02
Forming type Former
Gramage 10-100g
50g- 1kg
Roll width  (mm) 170 to 370mm
Pouch Width 75-175 mm
Pouch length (mm) 75 to 225 mm
Vertical seal width ( mm) 10/15 typical
Horizontal seal width (mm) 10/15 typical
Speed (PPM) 8-12 DPM*
Output 36 to 400 kg /hr.*
Hopper 1 no
Pan 2 no
Vibratory feeder 2 no
Delivery chute 1 no
Floor area 23 sq.ft
Power supply 1 phase,230 VAC
Air supply 2 HP, 8 bar pressure, 2CFM
Serration and cutting Count cutting provided, count to be fed through HMI
Control of FFS Through micro controller
Eye mark controller Optional
Process parameter setting Through HMI
Roller mechanism Through Steeper/ servo motor
Film draw mechanism Die roller
Horizontal sealing mechanism Pneumatic
Vertical seal mechanism Through die roller
Material of construction All contact parts in SS304, and other parts in MS.


* Depending upon the type of product & target weight


Virtually maintenance free 24X7 operation

User friendly HMI

Self-learning software eliminate tedious settings

Eye mark controller for perfect positioning of seal & cut

Provision for batch printing system

No of pouches produced – count batch wise/day wise.

Former type forming system for elegant pouches

Leak proof sealed pouches assured through special vertical sealing method.

Strip cut / single cut system provided

Provision of nitrogen flushing provided.


Accurate and repetitive weighment

Low Power consumption

Virtually all kind of granules products are handled by single machine.

Flexibility of operation and production.