Industrial Packing Machine are of 2 types –

  1. Weighing & filling Machine
  2. Counting Machine

This is a Fully automatic weighing , counting and packing machine. The machine is able to count or weigh screws, nut bolts, washers, auto spare part / hardware kits and fasteners into the pouches according to your requirement. High precision and fast speed
saves the labor cost.


  1. Capacity: About 100-300 pcs /min according to the exact product.
  2. User-friendly & Easy to operate.


When it requires to count the tablets; say in multiples of hundreds, conventionally people use mesh type perforated trays with required number of holes on it. Tables are poured manually on this mesh and then slided to fall in a container. This entire process is manual, very slow, prone to human error, results in breakage of tablets.

Basically a mesh is a tool and not a machine. Other Options available include machines that count tablets based on weight. But then, even this method is not accurate since there are small variations in weights of the tablets due to compression.

Sensograph has successfully introduced a solution which overcomes these problems and which has already found acceptance in many countries. The system is based on Multi-track vibrating Mechanism with high speed non contact type sensing. This is fully automatic and ensures that each and every tablet is counted without human intervention. Typically 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 tablets are counted per hour depending upon count of each pack.

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User-friendly & Easy to operate.