Sensograph’s highly advanced technology of the weighing alongwith specially designed RTE (Ready to eat ) fillers can be used to quickly & safely pack a wide variety of ready-to-eat foods.

This filling and sealing machine enable 2 different fillers to dispense different types of ingredients in the same pouch, allowing for easy mixing of ingredients, through gentle handling and without damaging the ingredients of ready-to-eat food products.

This Machine also provides a cost-effective packaging solution with multiple heads with different ingredients to mix & make the packet.


Our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying Weigh Filler at reasonable prices. Set up with timer belt controlled by Steeper/ servo motor drive, the offered compilation has an alphanumeric, LCD back lit display through micro controller based system. Automatic Pouch Packing Machines Vastly demanded by food processing and packaging industries, our range is quite reasonable.

The material feeding system is weighmatric means it feed the material to the pouch by weighing Automatic Pouch Packing Machines. The actual weight of the material is displayed on the 5” display provided on the front panel. Depending upon the output requirement, one can choose number of heads of the weighing system.

This machine is suitable for packing of :

  • Best suited for packing of Irregular shaped products such as potato chips, extruded food, banana chips, cheese balls, bakery products Homogenous fine grained products such as tea powder, seeds, sugar, whole spices etc.
  • Homogenous coarse grained products such as rice, pulses, Sabudana etc.
  • Coarse products such as cashew nuts, almond, pistachio, whole spices, etc.
  • Mix products such as namkeen, farsan, etc.
  • Industrial products such as lugs, screws, nails, bolts, nuts, etc.
  • Specially suited for Poha ( Rice Flakes), Murmure, corn flakes, candies, etc.
  • Pharma products such as capsules, tablets, etc.

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Ready to Eat Food Packaging Machine