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Semi Automatic Four Head


EASY PAC is the packaging equipment used for packing various types of solid free flowing items. This packaging equipment is named as EASY PAC to emphasis its ease of operation. This packaging equipment is semi automatic packing machine which uses load cell to weigh the item & dispense it into the ready pouch/box/container, etc. As the pouch making machine is not the integral part of this packing equipment, it is categorized as the semi automatic packing machine.

Depending upon number of weighing heads, this EASY PAC packaging equipment is named as single head (one head), Twin head (two heads), three heads & four heads. The speed of twin head is double the single head & the speed of four head is double the twin head or four times the single head.

EASY Pac packaging machine can handle virtually all kind of free flowing solids. This packaging equipment handles grocery items such as rice, pulses, chana dal, toor dal, sugar, wheat, tea powder, green peas, white mutter & similar products without any change parts or making changes in the settings, one can keep on toggling with different materials & different target weights on the same packing machine. Thanks to “Self learning software” developed by our R & D team.

This machine has Four weighing head and hopper capacity of 200 liters.


Technical Specifications

Model EP-04
Product characteristics Free flowing granules solids.
Hopper Capacity 200 Liters
Weighing Range 50 gms to 1 kg
Output 90-800 kg/hour.*
Type of Bags Open mouth preformed bags/ pouch of LD,PP etc
Air requirement 1 HP, 8 Bar pressure, 2 CFM.
Power Requirement 1KW, Single phase 230 VAC
Material Construction All contact parts SS304 & other parts of MS.
*Depending upon Products..


Machine works on single phase power

In house of all electric controls

Solid granular uneven shaped products can be handled in one machine.

Virtually maintenance free 24*7 operation

Micro controller based User friendly HMI.

In house Developed Electric Hardware.

Self learning software eliminate tedious settings

Timer, Auto dumping, Foot switch facility provided.


No wear & tear as no moving parts in machine.

Flexibility of operation and production

No change parts for change of products

repetitive accurate weighment assured.


  • Grain Packing Machine
  • Farsan Packing Machine
  • Sugar Packing Machine
  • Tea Powder Packing Machine
  • Potato Chips Packing Machine
  • Pulses Packing Machine
  • Candies Packing Machine
  • Bakery Products Packing Machine
  • Cheese Balls Packing Machine
  • Kurkure Packing Machine
  • Banana Chips Packing Machine
  • Seeds Packing Machine
  • Lugs, Screws, Rivets Packing Machine
  • Namkeen Products Packing Machine
  • Whole Spices Packing Machine
  • Poha Packing Machine
  • Rice Flakes – Murmure Packing Machine
  • Corn Flakes Packing Machine
  • Sabudana Packing Machine
  • Capsule, Tablet Packing Machine


Low Power consumption

Just set weight & start packing

Virtually all kind of granules products are handled by single machine.

No skilled operator required.

Manpower saving.

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