Product Counting is yet another important task for businesses in the packing industry. It is very crucial to use an appropriate Product Counting Machine as key elements of the business lies with the precision standards. Sensograph’s Product Counting Machine is a reliable machine source for all your counting needs. The speed, accuracy, and efficiency of this machine are noteworthy. Our Product Counting Machine is famous for its key features and durable nature.

Recommended Machines:

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Sensograph has successfully introduced a solution that overcomes the problems of accuracy, variation in weights, slow manual productions and prone to human error. Our product counting machine has been an acceptance in many countries. The system in our product counting machine is based on the Multi-track vibrating Mechanism with high-speed non-contact type sensing. This is fully automatic and ensures that each and every tablet is counted without human intervention. Typically 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 tablets are counted per hour depending upon the count of each pack.

Product Counting Machine

Technical Specifications:

Pouch Width Maximum 620 mm of roll width Translate to 7” pouch width
Pouch height Adjustable – maximum 310 mm
Packing Range 10 gm to 2000 gm – limited by pouch size
Vertical seal width 10 – 20 mm – typically 15 mm
Pouch Forming Method Through SS 304 Collar
Horizontal Seal Width 10 – 15 mm – typically 10 mm
Power Supply 230V AC, Single Phase