The tea pouch packing machine is an essential tool for any tea manufacturer aiming to optimize their packaging process. Designed to streamline production, the tea pouch packing machine ensures that each pouch is filled with precision and sealed to perfection. With the tea pouch packing machine, businesses can achieve consistent quality and efficiency, which are crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

This state-of-the-art machine offers numerous benefits that cater specifically to the tea industry. Its advanced technology allows for the precise measurement and packaging of various tea types, including loose leaf, powdered, and bagged tea. The tea pouch packing machine is equipped with features that minimize product waste and ensure that each pouch is filled accurately, maintaining the freshness and flavor of the tea.

One of the significant advantages of the tea pouch packing machine is its ability to handle different pouch sizes and styles, providing flexibility for various packaging needs. Whether it’s a small sample size or a larger retail package, this machine can accommodate diverse packaging requirements, making it a versatile choice for tea producers.

In addition to its versatility, the tea pouch packing machine is designed for user-friendliness and efficiency. With intuitive controls and easy-to-maintain components, operators can quickly learn to use the machine and perform routine maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity. The robust design of the machine also ensures durability and long-term performance, offering a reliable solution for high-volume tea packaging operations.

Investing in a tea pouch packing machine can also lead to significant cost savings. By automating the packaging process, manufacturers can reduce labor costs and increase production speed, ultimately leading to higher output and profitability. Moreover, the machine’s precision and consistency help to maintain product quality, which is essential for building brand loyalty and trust among consumers.

In summary, the tea pouch packing machine is an invaluable asset for tea manufacturers looking to enhance their packaging operations. With its ability to deliver efficient, high-quality, and flexible packaging solutions, this machine supports the growth and success of tea businesses. Embracing the tea pouch packing machine means committing to excellence in tea packaging, ensuring that every pouch reaches consumers in perfect condition


Typical Specifications of Tea Packing Machine

  • Material of Construction: All contact parts SS 304, the mainframe –powder coated SS pipe/channels
  • GMP Model: All contact parts – SS 304, mainframe –SS304 covered with SS 304 sheet. Mechanical parts – as per engineering design – SS304/MS/Aluminum/rubber/plastic
  • Sealing Type: Center seal – other sealing available on request
  • Sealing Method: Intermittent through the pneumatic system
    • Pouch Width: Maximum 620 mm of roll width Translate to 7” pouch width
  • Pouch Height: Adjustable – maximum 310 mm.
  • Packing Range: 10 gm to 5000 gm* – limited by pouch size
  • Vertical Seal Width: 10 – 20 mm – typically 15 mm
  • Vertical Travel of Film: Timer belt controlled by stepper motor drive
  • Pouch Forming Method: Through SS 304 Collar
  • Horizontal Seal Width: 10-15 mm – typically 10 mm
  • Power Supply: 415 VAC Three Phase.
  • Power Consumption: 2.0 KW
  • Half/Full Cut Count: Available
  • Batch Coding System: Pneumatic ink coding / Hot Foil printing
  • Heater Control: PID Controller provided on the front panel
  • HMI Display: Alfa numeric, 4” LCD backlit display through microcontroller based system
  • HMI Display – 1 no.
  • Dispensing Method: By servo-driven Auger Screw

Semi-Automatic Auger Filler:

Our low power consumption Semi-Automatic Auger Filler is an extremely user-friendly movable machinery option for your Chilli Powder Packing needs. This in-house Developed Electric Hardware in this Chilli Powder Packing Machine is one of the most reliable tools to pack all non-free-flowing powder items. The advanced operating system enables the user to accurately control the moment of the screw thus giving precise weight. This Chilli Powder Packing Machine is easy to use and can be operated by anyone with minimal training.


Typical specifications:

  • Product Characteristics: Powder form
  • Hopper Capacity: 25 Liters
  • Weighing Range: 10 gms to 100 gms and 50 gms to 1 kg *
  • Output : 72-600 kg/hour
  • Type of Bags: Open mouth preformed bags/ pouch of LD, PP, etc
  • Power Requirement: 415 VAC, Three-phase
  • Material Construction All contact parts SS304 & other parts of MS

Special / Optional Features

Equipment Advantage
Air Shaft Easy fixing of roll.
Motorized Trolley Movement Ease to control film moment.
Strip Cutting Multiple Pouch strip cut by setting the counter.
Horizontal Servo Drive Better seal quality of pouch, High speed & noiseless operation.
Film draw servo drive Better seal quality, virtual no maintenance.
Motorized Print Mark Sensor Easy & Quick setting of eye mark nullifies tedious adjustment.
Adjustable Roll Slitter Quick changeover of roll.
End of Roll Sensor Alarm to operator for roll change.